Q. WHat’s up with the Name?

A. The Spot Church gets it name from the encounter of the chief tax collector Zacchaeus and Jesus found in the Gospel of Luke. Despised and ostracized by the people because of what he’d done, Zacchaeus found himself in desperate need to meet Jesus. He climbed a tree because he was short and Jesus met him where he was and said he would be a guest in his house.

“When Jesus reached the spot, he looked up and said to him, “Zacchaeus, come down immediately. I must stay at your house today.” Luke 19:5 NIV


Q. Will i understand the message, even if i don’t know much about the Bible ?

A. Our messages are prepared to connect with people's lives by using the ageless wisdom of Scripture and presenting it in a creative, yet straight-forward way. The services are designed to be easily understood by individuals checking out what it really means to have a personal relationship with Jesus. But here's a secret: Even long-time Christians find these services invaluable to their spiritual and personal growth.


Q. DO i have to dress up?

A. At The Spot Church you'll see lots of people in jeans and not so many in suits and dresses. You're welcome to dress casually, and come as you are.


Q. what is the music like?

A. Here you'll encounter a variety of worship music styles each week that you can relate to and that reflects current culture. The worship team leads attenders in upbeat songs of celebration as well as intimate worship expressions to God. Song lyrics are projected on the screen so you can have your hands free, look up, and engage with the worship.


Q. How do people at the SPot Church express worship?

A. "Worship" involves communicating with God from our hearts. We believe in a variety of different expressions in worshiping God. On the platform, you might see worship leaders clapping or raising their hands while they sing, and the musicians play various instruments. Sometimes visual or performing arts are also incorporated into the worship. As a Spot Church attender, you are welcome to worship God in a way you feel expresses your heart toward him. For some, that's quietly reflecting on the words, for others, that's clapping and singing out.


Q. Is there something for the Kids?

A. The Spot Church has a wonderful Sunday Morning program for kids from birth through 5th grade. While parents are peacefully enjoying the service, kids can have fun and learn about God at their level. For Nursery and Preschool locations, stop by our Information Center.

Q. Are you going to hit me up for money?

A. If you are new to The Spot Church, please don't feel obligated to give. People will never be pressured to give money here, but regular attenders at The Spot Church who give, as an act of worship to God, support the many ministries of the local church.

Q. How do i get involved?

A. Attending services is a good start, but we hope you'll move beyond being just part of the Sunday morning crowd. You can further your faith, meet people, and learn more about life as a Christ-follower by joining a group, taking classes, and serving in the church in an area in which you're interested and gifted.

Q. Where can i learn more about the SPot church?

A. Be sure to visit our Information Center and talk to one of the people behind the counter to get answers your questions. Visit the rest of our website for even more information.